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About Me


Fulleylove Photography is a photography team located in the Houston, Texas area. Our approach to photography is quite simple- to capture the natural beauty and love that effortlessly unfolds on your special day.

katielamb-91Hi, I’m Debra and I’m so glad you stopped by.  Just to tell you a little bit about myself I am a wife to a loving husband, and a mother to two precious little girls and a handsome little baby boy. They mean the world to me and I’m so glad they are behind me and support me as I continue to follow my dreams as a photographer. Besides my family, other things that make me happy include: roasted marshmallows, gold colored things, pretty journals, calligraphy, Sundays, window light, and amazing grace. I also use way to many smiley faces when talking online. I hope you can accept me and my emojis 🙂

I started photography as a hobby many years ago. I started by taking pictures of mostly friends and family. When others started taking an interest in me, I was honestly shocked (but very flattered!) I dug deep  within my self and found my artistry with my camera. Photography is something I always try to better myself in every time I pick up my camera. I believe when you love doing something, you are going to do it the very best you can. I will be forever learning; forever bettering myself for the sake of me as well as my clients. I hope that you will take some time today in getting to know me through my photography. Be sure to look through my galleries and then contact me to tell me all about the session you have in mind! Can’t wait to meet you!


And let me introduce you to Angela. We met in a photography workshop and I knew she was something special as soon as we talked. We share the same love and style of photography and I’m thrilled she has joined my team. As you know, I am limited to how many weddings I can take in a year. Angela will be helping with the workload by shooting many weddings herself. This opens up twice as many dates on the calendar! This is so exciting to me because I absolutely hate turning away potential brides because their date has already been booked.

Angela and I share the same commitment to our wedding clients. There will be no difference in the level of quality service offered. And to keep our style exactly the same, I will continue to edit all the photos so there will be absolutely no difference in editing styles you will receive.

Angela is a wife and mother who cares deeply about her family & faith. She loves lighthearted fun & a good movie. It thrills her to get that perfect shot…the one that tells the story of the moment with warmth, truth & vibrant detail.

If you’re  interested in Fulleylove Photography for your photo service needs, rest assure that Angela will take really good care of you.