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Di & Tao

Di and Tao had every last little detail planned to perfection for their big day.  Her hair and makeup were amazing, the dress was gorgeous. Her groom was all dressed up, and ready to see his beautiful bride to celebrate their love for one another by committing themselves to one another in their outdoor ceremony, under the big oak tree at Oak Tree Manor.  However, there are elements on every wedding day that no one has control over, especially the natural elements- and especially in Texas.  So of course, it decided to rain on their big day.  This certainly did change the plan for the ceremony, but it did not stop us from getting some really incredible outdoor images of the couple and their stunning bridal party under the big oak. I know they were pretty happy about it!
Being pretty familiar with the way the weather operates in Texas, I always come prepared to a wedding with a car full clear umbrellas.  This makes it possible for us to still get some unique and beautiful naturally lit images, and it is important to capture that detail of the wedding day. Whether it may rain, shine, or snow, couples want to look back and remember every detail.  Di and Tao embraced the umbrellas, and the opportunity to still get some really beautiful outdoor images.  They were so adorable, and their images turned out great in spite of it all. I am so glad that they were able to have such a beautiful wedding and roll with the unpredictable, and still have fun. 
If you would like to get more information regarding your own Wedding Day session, please visit my website. I would love to work with you to create your own perfect Wedding Day memories.
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Grace and Eduardo 

Grace and Eduardo’s wedding was just beautiful. Ashton Gardens has such a beautiful set up and the natural light that floods the spaces makes for gorgeous events and images. Their ceremony space has to be one of my favorites of all time! This couple was so sweet and tender.  I really enjoyed capturing them interacting together and being so sweet with one another the entire day.
Grace was a such a stunning bride and sweet and calm as could be.  Her dress was elegant, sleek, and classic.  The detail of the lace overlay was gorgeous.  Her bridal party was very sweet, doting on her and making sure not one hair was out of place!  This great group of girls was just thrilled for their friend and their support and excitement was evident.  Eduardo was such a calm presence on his wedding day as well! He seemed just as relaxed as his beautiful bride.  These two were not worried about the little things.  Both were just thrilled to be there, and to formalize and celebrate their commitment to each other.
The wedding and reception were both beautiful and classy.  The flower arrangements were simply amazing!  The couple incorporated some unique details into their wedding day.  They included pictures of their parent’s on their wedding days and asked their guests to be in the moment and completely unplug.  I found this so refreshing.  So many of us are too busy updating our social media and checking our messages, and we forget to be present in the moment.  Their request was granted, and people took the opportunity to have a great time with this precious couple on their special day.
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 Kameron + Clay

One of my favorite things about being a photographer in Texas is capturing images using the beautiful nature of the countryside.  For Kameron and Clay’s Engagement session, we used one of my favorite natural settings, the giant Texas mossy oaks.  They really do make for some of the most stunning backdrops.  Whether zoomed in close, or capturing from a distance, these majestic trees are gorgeous to photograph subjects around.  They were the perfect place for Kameron and Clay’s outdoor session.
This couple is absolutely the sweetest together.  I had such a great time as their photographer capturing their interactions with one another.  The way they look at each other is so special.  You can see that Clay only has eyes for Kameron, and she is head over heels for her handsome cowboy.  They were just precious, strolling through the tall grass as the sun streamed down on them, and were stunning under the strong branches of the beautiful oak trees. 
My absolute favorite part of my job is seeing couples laugh together, and there was plenty of laughter during this session.  These two could not help but smile and have a good time with one another.  The images of them dancing under the tree is one of my favorites.  It just shows that you can enjoy one another and have a good time no matter where you are. They were a joy to work with, and this session makes me proud to be from Texas!
If you or someone you know would like more information on scheduling your own engagement session, please visit my website. I would love to hear from you, and get started creating your own perfect memories.
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Kristi and Tanner


Love is such a powerful thing. It’s an emotion. It’s an act. It’s a service. It’s family. It’s home. It’s all encompassing. It’s what life is made of. I am so fortunate to capture so many love stories and be there in the moment to soak it all in. This Houston Summer Wedding was absolutely stunning.


I recently photographed the wedding of Kristi and Tanner at River Oaks Garden Club in Houston. They had a morning time ceremony attended by their closest friends and family, complete with River Oaks Donuts. It was simple and stunning. The flowers by HEB Blooms were nothing short of perfection. Every last detail was absolutely gorgeous, but of course my favorite part was the love between the two of them. Kristi was a just little nervous before the wedding, but excited about doing a first look. So we strolled down to the lush green arches where the handsome Tanner waited patiently for his beautiful bride. I could almost feel Kristi’s nerves as she approached, and then the moment Tanner saw her- she knew instant relief. It was like a weight had lifted, and an immediate calm hung in the air. She went from nervous, to giddy and excited with a simple embrace from her groom. First looks are so beneficial, and this moment truly was a prime example of how it is more than just photos. This couples love was so tangible in that moment. It was such a sweet reminder of just how powerful it is. It’s a feeling of warmth, a feeling of safety, and a feeling of home. This all shines through is these stunning images from their special day.


Houston Summer WeddingP I N I T
2017-10-09_0042P I N I T 2017-10-09_0043P I N I T 2017-10-09_0044P I N I T 2017-10-09_0045P I N I T 2017-10-09_0046P I N I T 2017-10-09_0047P I N I T 2017-10-09_0048P I N I T 2017-10-09_0049P I N I T 2017-10-09_0051P I N I T 2017-10-09_0052P I N I T 2017-10-09_0054P I N I T 2017-10-09_0055P I N I T 2017-10-09_0057P I N I T 2017-10-09_0058P I N I T 2017-10-09_0059P I N I T 2017-10-09_0060P I N I T 2017-10-09_0061P I N I T 2017-10-09_0062P I N I T 2017-10-09_0063P I N I T 2017-10-09_0064P I N I T 2017-10-09_0065P I N I T 2017-10-09_0066P I N I T 2017-10-09_0067P I N I T 2017-10-09_0069P I N I T 2017-10-09_0070P I N I T 2017-10-09_0071P I N I T 2017-10-09_0072P I N I T 2017-10-09_0073P I N I T 2017-10-09_0074P I N I T 2017-10-09_0075P I N I T


If you are planning your perfect wedding, please visit my website. I would love to work with you to create the perfect images of your wonderful day.

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Houston Wedding | Chelsea and Grant


There is so much to say about Chelsea and Grants wedding, where do I even start? I guess a good place would be to say that this was definitely one of the most fun and interesting weddings of all time! It was like everyone was trying to top one another in love and surprises. Seriously y’all, from the bride to be dressed as a penguin, to Backstreet Boys along with Beauty and the Beast, to a blessing delivered rap style, a mother/ son breakout dance, and surprise fireworks (and believe it or not much more) this Houston Wedding was one for the books.


But beyond all the fun and excitement, Chelsea was an absolutely stunning bride.  She looked breathtaking! Her hair and makeup were perfection thanks to Blushworthy. She has such elegance about her. From the classic, timeless beauty of the dress, to the diamonds and pearls, she was an absolutely gorgeous bride. And check out those adorable tennis shoes! The wedding was held at Lindsay Lakes, and was such a beautiful choice for this precious couple. The were quite a few in the wedding party, but you can just tell how close they all were. The ladies looked perfect in the light blue, and the color palette was so nice against those handsome men in that charcoal grey.


It was truly an amazing day I’m sure they will never forget, with so many special and funny moments. I was so honored to be able to capture their wedding day, but the best part of looking at these photos is how much the love Chelsea and Grant have for each other shines through. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, may you have many happy years ahead!


Houston WeddingP I N I T 2017-10-09_0013P I N I T 2017-10-09_0014P I N I T 2017-10-09_0015P I N I T 2017-10-09_0016P I N I T 2017-10-09_0017P I N I T 2017-10-09_0018P I N I T 2017-10-09_0020P I N I T 2017-10-09_0021P I N I T 2017-10-09_0022P I N I T 2017-10-09_0023P I N I T 2017-10-09_0024P I N I T 2017-10-09_0025P I N I T 2017-10-09_0026P I N I T 2017-10-09_0027P I N I T 2017-10-09_0028P I N I T 2017-10-09_0029P I N I T 2017-10-09_0030P I N I T 2017-10-09_0031P I N I T 2017-10-09_0032P I N I T 2017-10-09_0033P I N I T 2017-10-09_0034P I N I T 2017-10-09_0035P I N I T 2017-10-09_0036P I N I T 2017-10-09_0037P I N I T 2017-10-09_0038P I N I T 2017-10-09_0039P I N I T 2017-10-09_0040P I N I T


If you would like to book your own Houston Wedding session, please visit my website. I’d love to hear from you.

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